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Simply give us a call to book in and we'll keep you updated on your vehicle's progress.


We work hard to ensure you're not left off the road for long, spending as much time as we need to get your vehicle spick and span.


When you book with us, you can expect fair prices.

A little bit

about us

David first entered the industry during his teenage years, through an apprenticeship at Rogers of Brixton. Over 8 years, he learned the ropes before moving to a Nissan and Peugeot franchise dealership and then onto another local garage in Plymstock. 

Eventually, in 1996, David stepped into the world of self-employment and set up his own business. He's now one of the most experienced vehicle air conditioning specialists in Plymouth. Having already established a loyal clientele, he's been working on some of his customers' cars for over thirty years! 


Just over a decade ago, Andy found himself helping out in the garage after school and continued to seek further qualifications. David trained him up from the very beginning and he achieved outstanding results in his assessments. There are now two air conditioning specialists in the garage.


Despite specialising in separate areas of the trade, they share the business of car sales which has proven to be very successful, as well as rewarding. The boys stay updated with the latest cars through courses and workshops.

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